Sunday, July 3, 2011

Camo solution for the DIY

As a professional that applies camouflage to firearms I often get asked about other methods of camouflage that one can use at home. My first instinct is to tell them no there is not, but I never do. The truth is there are other ways to camouflage your gun for the DIY. The one method I want to talk about today are camouflage fabric tapes and cloth wraps that are easy to apply and will give you a camo look.

The up side to these products are that they can be easily removed and reapplied meaning that you can change up your camo for the area you are hunting in, for example a grassland pattern for wetlands and then switch it up to a winter pattern for the snow. They also can provide some grip to the firearm which can be handy in cold and wet conditions. They do offer some mild protection against bumps and scratches. If you have a classic firearm that one would never dream of putting a permanent camouflage pattern on then these products can be ideal when you need some temporary situational camouflage.

The down side to these products are that they are not permanent but hey, they are not designed to be. They do not add any significant protection from corrosion and in fact can cause corrosion and moisture damage if left on after getting wet. The tape glue can leave a residue that can also be a pain if not cleaned properly.

The fact is that these products definitely have a place in the camouflage firearm world if they are used with the intention they were made for. They are designed to be a temporary camouflage solution. So if you are looking for a fairly quick and inexpensive camouflage method I would certainly look for one of these products.

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