Friday, December 2, 2011


These three shotguns were inherited by our client from his Father in-law who passed away earlier this year from cancer. The two had planned to go hunting together but it always was put aside as work and other commitments got in the way. In the end their hunting trip together never happened.

Our client wanted something special done to the shotguns. They are all made in the same factory in Brazil but each was sold under the name of a different gun manufacturer. They are a 410, 20 and 12 gauge. When we received them they were rusted and pitted the wood was damaged, they all needed some TLC.

After we cleaned, degreased and repaired them, we chose a tight weave carbon fibre over a dark blue base for the barrels actions and fore stock clips. The wooden stocks and fore stocks were given a marsh grass pattern that would highlight the blue carbon fibre.

They are a reminder that we need to take the time and share our lives and adventures with those that are special to us as we never know when or if we will get another chance.

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